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Energy Evaluation Overview

There are 2 ways to get started.

*Every home and business is entitled to a no-obligation energy evaluation.

Virtual Energy Evaluation

Walk through a quick & comprehensive online survey that will create a detailed energy report for your home. This is a great way to get started learning about your energy needs.

Take your energy into your hands. Find out easy home solutions, and quickly add value.

Book an In home evaluation

An energy expert will come to your home and perform a whole home evaluation giving you tips that will offset your yearly utility bills. Keep more of your earned dollars!

Let one of our energy geeks climb onto your roof and into your dusty attic.

During The Energy Evaluation You Will Discover How To:

Lower or Eliminate your Utility Costs

Utilize Tax Incentives and Financing for Solar Products

Maintain a Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

Reduce Dust, Noise and Repair Bills

Achieve Optimal Indoor Temperature

Use Environmentally Friendly Products to Your Advantage


A highly-trained “Energy Geek” will evaluate your home’s energy consumption and discover areas where you may be losing energy and money!

An evaluation of all areas of heating and cooling (the largest part of your power bill) – A/C unit, duct work, and insulation, as well as your hot water tank (next largest), windows, doors, outlets, and light bulbs.

A detailed report and recommendation designed to help you lower or eliminate your power bill!

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My Energy Geek products meet ENERGY STAR requirements when used with appropriate components and equipment. ENERGY STAR is an international standard for energy efficient products.

Energy Efficiency Assessment

Energy Solutions With Solar Power

Why Work With Us When Considering Solar Power

With one of our energy geek's you will learn all the secrets that the power companies want to keep from you. With solar, you own your energy. No more unreliable, variable power for you and your family.

Solar panel production is affected by a variety of elements, including geographic location, roof direction and tilt, shading, utility company rate plans, and many others. As a result, estimating solar costs is extremely difficult - so difficult, in fact, that there has never been a single effective online solar cost calculation tool. Use our FREE energy evaluator (above) to learn if solar power is an option for your home or business or book with an expert below.

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